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Case Studies

Purchasing off the Plan | Building Defects | Legal Advice | Melbourne

Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement Buying “off the plan” can be risky. Always get legal advice before you sign. Overview: Our client had signed a Contract of Sale, without consulting a lawyer, for the purchase of a vacant lot. The contract was signed on the basis that the vendor (the person selling the house) would arrange for…


Flexible Fee Arrangements

Flexible Fee Arrangements Overview: This case study shows how Lewis Holdway Lawyers demonstrated good will in a case that many law firms would not consider taking on. Our client represented a number of creditors who were seeking reimbursement from a trustee of a bankrupt but asset-rich estate. Rather than adopting a hard-nose commercial approach, we…

Mediation Lawyers Melbourne | Lewis Holdway


Mediation Overview: Lewis Holdway Lawyers used a pro-active approach to conflict resolution between our client and an insurer who refused to indemnify (pay). By arranging mediation between the two parties, a positive resolution was achieved.  This removed the need for aggressive confrontation and costly legal expenditure, and produced a win-win situation. Issue: Our client sought…

Debt Recovery Lawyers | Lewis Holdway

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Overview: Lewis Holdway Lawyers behaved ethically and responsibly by putting the needs of our client first regarding debt recovery. Our client was a mid-sized company that was struggling to fully recover money and associated legal costs from bad debtors. Rather than simply charging our client for each debt-recovery procedure we undertook on their…

Terms and Conditions Lewis Holdway Lawyers

Small to Medium Enterprises

Small to Medium Enterprises Getting your Terms and Conditions right is important! Overview: Our client was concerned and overwhelmed by regulatory requirements and constantly changing legislation and regulations. In particular, our client was concerned about how changes to security regulation might affect their Retention of Title (“ROT”) clauses, and how the rapidly changing employment laws…

prospectus initial public offering

Capped Fee

Capped Fee Overview This case study shows how Lewis Holdway Lawyers assisted a mid-size organisation during its transition from a private venture to a publicly listed company. By understanding the legal procedures and cost schedules associated with this transition, we were able to offer our client a capped fee for the preparation of a company’s prospectus.…