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Lewis Holdway Lawyers behaved ethically and responsibly by putting the needs of our client first regarding debt recovery. Our client was a mid-sized company that was struggling to fully recover money and associated legal costs from bad debtors.Debt Recovery Lewis Holdway Melbourne

Rather than simply charging our client for each debt-recovery procedure we undertook on their behalf, we chose to assist them with a number of underlying problems in their terms and conditions of trade. This meant less money for us, but a better outcome for our client.


Our client represented a company that was having difficulty recovering money from bad debtors. The client was also spending large amounts of money on case by case debt-recovery initiatives.


As well as assisting in immediate debt recovery, Lewis Holdway Lawyers took the time to assess the Terms and Conditions of our client’s company. Rather than simply providing a band-aid solution to debt recovery, we implemented several structural changes to our client’s terms of trade. This simplified the debt collection process and gave our client greater legal power in their debt recovery.


By choosing Lewis Holdway Lawyers, our client was able to recover their debts as well as legal costs incurred in the recovery process and in some instances obtain security. This provided the best possible outcome for our client as they were able to recover expenses which had previously been unobtainable under their former terms of trade.

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