Working out a Christmas Visit

Christmas Children Family Lawyers MelbourneChristmas and the festive season is usually depicted as a joyful occasion where families get together and show their love for each other with quality time, gifts and share great food.

Unfortunately, the pressure of trying to keep the peace can become too much for some couples at this time of year and we often see an increase in people needing help with their relationship breakdown or family situation.

If you find your relationship does break down, start by following some of the steps for what to do now.

If you have already separated but are having difficulty communicating with your ex partner, why not take a look at our previous post "How do I Communicate with my Ex-Partner".

Negotiating visits with your ex partner can be very stressful and emotionally draining. We are here to help you if you need someone to talk you through how to negotiate with your ex partner, or can do it on your behalf if you prefer.