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Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
Providing practical and commercial resolutions to disputes.

Adam Foster - Senior Associate

Head of Workplace Relations

Adam Foster | Dispute Resolution Melbourne | Lewis Holdway Lawyers

Adam aims to give peace of mind and certainty by helping clients to solve their problems, no matter how complex, with simple and straight forward solutions.

Adam enjoys working with businesses, large and small, profit or non-profit, to help them grow in their business and manage well their workplaces.

He has experience advising clients in relation to all areas of workplace relations, particularly businesses in managing the relationship with their staff, from a Board level on downwards.

He also has a particular interest in helping Not for Profits understand and apply the law to maximise their workplace environments.

Adam also assists professional service firms, and small and medium businesses in resolving commercial disputes in a timely, cost efficient and strategic way that allows those clients to get on with running their business and doing what they do best.

Workplace relations is fundamentally about managing workplace relationships. Although it often is an afterthought when employment is terminated, in reality it is something that we are thinking about from the beginning. Good workplace relations should be at the forefront of your mind when you are:

  1. Engaging a new employee and implementing employment agreements;
  2. Introducing workplace policies;
  3. Ending a workplace relationship.

When he is not at Lewis Holdway, Adam enjoys spending time raising his daughter, gardening with his wife, and supporting his local church community.

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