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Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
Providing practical and commercial resolutions to disputes.

Su-Ann Loh - Director of Dispute Resolution

Su-Ann Loh | Dispute Resolution Melbourne | Lewis Holdway Lawyers

Su-Ann aims to be a trusted adviser and problem solver as she journeys with her clients in their running of a successful business.

She enjoys seeing her clients’ business thrive by giving them back control and freedom to do what they do best. She leads our dispute resolution team which is committed to working with clients to achieve a commercial outcome. Having worked with Lewis Holdway for close to 10 years, she brings empathy, strategic thinking and strong advocacy to each issue.

Dispute resolution is not commercial litigation and although issuing court action is one mechanism for resolving disputes, it is not the primary focus for how the team at Lewis Holdway resolve disputes for their business clients.

Her experience with business clients spans several industries (nationally and internationally), including:

  • manufacturing and supply
  • rental and hire companies
  • professional service providers
  • dairy and milk supply and distribution
  • partnership and business disputes
  • recruitment
  • fashion/textiles and design

She is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and provides legal advice to Kearley Lewis Mercantile Agents and their clients.

Outside of Lewis Holdway, Su-Ann enjoys being outdoors and if she has to be inside, she is upcycling old furniture and supporting her local church initiatives.

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