Unfortunately, statistics tell us that one woman in Australia dies each week at the hands of her abusive partner or ex-partner. In the past couple of days Australians have responded in horror to the family of five in Queensland suspected to have died in a murder/suicide involving a broken relationship in a very public and horrific way.

So what do you do when you are involved in an abusive relationship? When many clients reflect on their past relationship, they speak of control demonstrated in these relationships. Control in how they spend time with the family and friends; how they spend their money; their lack of access to money; emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Whilst most people would say that this behaviour is not ok, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

  1. Firstly, speak to a Lawyer who specialises in Family Law.
  2. Do a risk assessment of your life – potentially change your route to work or school drop offs. Potentially installing cameras at your property or changing your locks may be required.
  3. Consider applying for an Intervention Order.
  4. Take a friend or family member to changeovers with your ex-partner.

Domestic violence is never ok. It is also not isolated to females. Many men are victims of domestic violence, but unfortunately this abuse often is ignored or not reported, as society continues to struggle with gender roles.

We work with other professionals who can assist you to look at your lifestyle to keep you safe.

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