Types of Legal Service Packages

What are Legal Service Packages?

Lewis Holdway offers a new way for companies to protect themselves against future legal problems – through Legal Services Packages. Our packages allow your business to access a range of business documents and legal advice for a monthly fee. The monthly charge allows you to spread the cost of your legal business documents over the course of the year while still providing you with two 30 minute phonecalls or meetings a month to discuss legal issues as they arise.

How can your business benefit from a Legal Service Package?

A Legal Service Package can:

  • Reduce business exposure and risk by offering legal advice and services, before problems get out of hand
  • Ease budget and cash flow concerns through monthly payments spread over a 12 month period
  • Offer you significant savings

Types of Legal Service Packages

We offer two different Legal Service Packages, however we can also customise one for your unique requirements.

A wide range of help for your business

Lewis Holdway also offers the following services to assist you with your legal needs:


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