National Legal Aid has recently launched a website called “Family Violence Law Help” for people affected by family violence. The website contains comprehensive information on various aspects of family violence, family law and where you can get help. You can access the website here.

Family violence is behaviour that controls someone or causes someone to be afraid. It can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse or other types of abuse.

If you are experiencing family violence or someone you know is experiencing it, one way of protecting yourself is by obtaining a domestic violence order or intervention order.

There are different conditions that you can include in an intervention order to protect yourself. For example, you can obtain conditions to stop someone from committing family violence against you, contacting you, being near you, posting content about you on social media or damaging your property.

If you need legal help with obtaining an intervention order or need advice about your family law matter, please contact our Family Law Department on (03) 9629 9629.