Not for Profit Employment Law

At Lewis Holdway Lawyers we understand that great mission and good governance go hand in hand.

In our experience, an effective way that all Not for Profits can maintain and strengthen good governance is by ensuring that the relationship between the organisation and its staff, both paid and unpaid, or voluntary, is clear.

In practice this is ensuring that:

  1. For all paid staff, you have an employment agreement in place.
  2. For all volunteer staff, you have a volunteer agreement in place.
  3. For your Boards and CEOs, they are informed and up to date on managing workplace risk.
  4. That you have in place effective workplace policies, that your staff are clear on, and that you are able to enforce.

Lewis Holdway is able to meet all these needs and more.

For more information on Employment Agreements, click here.

Do you want to make sure that you can effectively manage your volunteers?

Do you want to make sure that volunteers know what is expected of them?

Do you want to minimise the risk of volunteers being characterised as employees?

We can help.

One step in enabling you to manage volunteers and minimise risk is by implementing volunteer agreements.

An effective volunteer agreement will help you to communicate to individuals:

  1. Your expectations for their involvement in your organisation.
  2. Their obligations to your organisation.
  3. Their relationship with you is not an employment relationship. (see Employment Agreement)

We can provide you with a Volunteer Agreement that meets you needs together with effective and practical advice about minimising your risk to your organisation.

Minimising Risk

At Lewis Holdway lawyers, we understand that organisations confronting volunteer issues need clear and practical advice and updates to minimise risk to your organisation at a time that suits you.

We offer free 1 hour seminars on the following:

  1. Understanding Occupational Health Safety Obligations and Risk.
  2. Understanding employment risks.
  3. Understanding volunteer risks.

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