Despite the current state of the world and the concerns about the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lewis Holdway Lawyers remains open for business and will continue assisting clients in their legal needs.

We have full access to all systems and we are available to clients as per usual. It is 'business as usual' in these unusual circumstances. We are only a phone call away, and can be in touch via remote, video conferences.

We understand that family law clients continue to require critical assistance in dealing with their family law cases, despite social distancing, working from home and managing their children particularly in light of some school closures and potential school closures, and Court closures. We have the following processes in place to assist clients:

  1. Continued email access;
  2. Full access to our data base and systems;
  3. Phone conferences;
  4. Remote, video conferences via Zoom; and
  5. Contact via WhatsApp and text messages.

Please contact us on our Family Law dedicated hotline 0417 537 861.